Welcome to Tumbleweed Farm

Welcome To
TumbleWeed Farm

Our Farm
TumbleWeed Farm is nestled in the fertile lands of eastern Washington, between two rivers that keep the soil moist and beneath the sun that nourishes our naturally grown plants.We’re a small family farm that believes in green growing practices to preserve our planet and raise healthy plants for a healthier life.We believe in sunshine, fresh air, and clean water, and that’s how we farm. We believe in cultivating our client relationships with the same care we cultivate our plants.

We believe in honoring the tradition of Marijuana, in laughter, friendships, hard work, and in providing a superior product.

Welcome to TumbleWeed Farm. Where quality comes naturally.

Our Strains
Our Strains


Banana Kush

Banana Kush has staying power and is a long lasting body high. Nice pineapple-y citrus aroma that helps increase your appetite. Perfect for relaxing at the end of your day. Pairs best with a cup of chamomile tea.

Purple Haze

Hold her in your hand, close your eyes and let the richness of her earthy, flowery aroma take you back to the deep, raw sounds of Jimmi Hendrix. She's darker than most Sativa's, and comes by her name naturally.

Durban Poison

Definitely uplifting! Durban Poison is a great outdoor activity or creative streak companion. Great as a short term pick me up or heading out for some fun activities. Pairs well with cliff bars, trail mix and sport drinks.

Ghost Train Haze

Catch a ride on the Ghost train with your coffee in the morning, and she'll help you get focused on the rest of the day. This Sativa dominant hybrid has the kind of earthy, piney, citrusy smell. Definitely smooth, uplifting, and surprisingly strong.


If you have some thinking to do, Schrom is here for you. Good things don't always come with easy explanations, and that is very true for this strain. Takes hold and lasts, yet is clean, crisp and leaves your head clear

Dutch Hawaiian OG

Uplifting, giggly, carefree. Her citrusy, earthy, flowery fragrance makes you feel good just sitting next to her.

Blue Dream

Talk about yummy, this happy little lady with her sweet blueberry taste, is like a draw straight from the berry patch. Blue Dream, a hybrid strain, is perfect for people who can't afford to spend the day stuck to the couch.

Tumbleweed Thai

Here at TumbleWeed, we grow the same classic, Thai Sativa, that's been around since the 60s and 70s. This powerful, Thailand native will knock you off your feet, Prepare to have an adventure that may, or may not include a trip to the grocery store. The aroma is unmistakable…..diesel, dank and disarming.


Here's a wild land race Sativa strain straight out of the tea growing region in the foothills of the Himalaya's. This is an original, and fits right in with people who don't mind a plunge into the unknown.
Our People


The people that run our farm are real people with real lives. People with great ambition and loud laughter. We’re family and friends that share the same dreams and the same commitment to caring for our planet and producing the best possible product.


Originally having a project management background, Scott took to planning a family farm like a natural. His grass-roots (pun intended) approach has been the foundation of our development and ethos. Scott is a curious world traveler who loves music, hates raisins, and literally flies by the seat of his pants. Scott’s further diversified his talents to include everything from weed pulling to greenhouse raising.


The biology degree was not the only reason Sam has become an invaluable part of our farm. His love of skiing, rock climbing, and a well-founded sense of adventure are just the kind of work-life balance we encourage. His green thumb and excitement for life make our farm, and our plants, happier.





Our token financier, Christi is responsible for holding down a city job while the farm grows to become a sustainable business. She comes to the farm to train for some inevitable event (from running to mountaineering to adventure racing) by hauling bags of cement and digging holes.

Zeke And Lucky

Even as new farmers, we knew that to be legitimate, we’d need farm dogs. So we brought Lucky, our seven year old Border Collie out here and adopted Zeke as a puppy to keep him young. They attend to all farm dog duties with their usual playful nature.

Our Story

This is the story of a pilot, a mountain climber, and a biologist. It’s the story of our dogs, our dreams, and how a simple idea became a great adventure.

Having cultivated marijuana plants outdoors and, developing an increasing interest in a budding botany hobby, we were excited observers of the new marijuana legislation in Washington State.  As the new laws developed, we saw the opportunity to become part of the movement in a unique way, a way that remains true to our spirit and love of the outdoors.

The planning phase was arduous: Much research, many meetings, the search for land, the creation of a viable business plan. Bit by bit, things fell into place. We located a farm where the soil was rich and sun plentiful. We made a plan for launching. We cleared land and got our hands dirty. Greenhouses were built. We pitched our dream to the family biologist in a manner so convincing, he couldn’t help but join the team.

And now it’s happening. We are now one of the first farms in Washington State to be licensed for commercial outdoor growing, and TumbleWeed Farm is a reality.

This, of course, is just the beginning of our adventure. We hope you’ll continue to visit and share in the excitement of its unfolding!

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