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Radical Inclusion

Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of touring and meeting growers and retailers. Radical InclusionThis industry is unlike any I’ve known. No competitive talk. All working together and sharing info and advice. Radical inclusion!

We are so lucky to know those who are new (Altitude, Ellensburg Apothecary) and those not-so-new (Fireweed, Horse Heaven, and Monkey Grass). All have been so kind, generous and helpful.

We are so grateful to be a part of this industry.

The savages of shortage


Have you talked to a retailer lately? They are struggling to get product. Our pristine industry is being sullied already. Sigh. This makes me very sad.

Because growers have only been licensed since March, the July 1 opening dates are not making sense for supply. We have retailers calling us every day. They are desperate for product to put on their shelves.

Some growers are taking advantage of our retailers. They want up to and over $300 an ounce or $5000 per pound (retail price). Jake Ellison has written on the subject, and it looks like customers are going to be hit pretty hard in the early days of retail stores openings.

We growers need ourretailers to succeed and it’s our business to help them do so.

Why is that difficult to figure out?

It’sOKthat the price be high……supply and demand….but to take advantage of the retailers makes NO sense.

We are all in this together and we can all win. Let’s get smart about how we work together, please.



TumbleWeed Farm Outdoor Growers Manifesto

We promise: to use the sun, wind, rain, and soil to grow the happiest, healthiest, most loved plants in the world!
We promise: to feed our plants the cleanest, most pure, organic, satiating, productive food we can find.

We promise: our plants drink filtered, pure, clean water. We make sure they have enough and never too much, to keep our plants thriving.

We promise: to prune, clip, groom and trim our plants with tender loving care.

We promise: to have only enough plants to keep our business healthy and never more than we can handle. We value quality over quantity in everything we do.

We promise: to keep a tiny carbon footprint. We will use solar, wind and renewable energy for the power we do use. We value the power of the sun and we strive to leave the planet in better condition than we found it.

We promise: to cater to and love our customers in the same way we cater to and love our plants.

We promise: to only stay in business as long as all of the above is possible. Read More

And now for farming

After licensing and finally having plants on sitewe quickly realized that the real work hasjust gottenstarted. Many of the challenges center on streamlining our security system and procedures but most have involved the real dirt, gardening. To save some dough we elected to make our own fully amended soil. We ordered the ingredients up and on top of amendments we are using perlite, coco coir, compost and a little bit of peat moss.

A Ghost Train Haze coming out swinging!

A Ghost Train Haze coming out swinging!

To mix we pour our ratios into the 80 gallon composter and tumble 20times by hand. We have been spinning the tumbler for weeks. But the plants are LOVING their new homes and are growing like…wait for it…weeds.

As the plants get bigger we are training them to encourage growth in all sucker branches in order to create a big flat canopy. This involves tying cotton string from the tallest branches to safety pins stuck into our cloth pots. We are getting some pretty sweet supercropping action!

After a false start using drip stakes we have chosen to use halos of pre-drilled ¼â€� drip line to more evenly water each plant. Having the watering on timers instead of in our hands will be a big break in work.

All in all the nice weather and the green garden has allowed us to finally take a deep breath here on the farm. The cold nights and occasionally strong winds are keeping the outdoor plants down a bit but we hope they’ll tough it out and go nuts once summer kicks off in earnest. Thanks for reading and happy May.

P.S. If anyone has any questions please post in comments I’ll do my best to respond.

Tri Cities I 502 Meet Up

We have kicked off our Tri Cities Meet Up group with enthusiasm and energy! The turn out was amazing! We had about 40 people join us to create our new industry group. Having local support in this budding industry is key to all of our success! A warm thank you to our hosts Red Mountain Rentals and also to those who came. See you all on May 15 at 6:30pm at Red Mountain Rentals.











Our next meet up is May 15, 6:30pm at Red Mountain Rentals. See you there!

Got our License

It feels like this has been a very long haul. The inspection came on March 18 with 7 WSLCB employees in attendance.

None of them had done an inspection prior to the visit to TumbleWeed Farm. They found 3 items they wanted added….none of them were on the operating plan, but we just want to comply and move forward.


By the end of the day, all 3 items were added and submitted.

Two days later, the notice came that we had officially passed inspection and all was signed off.

Then, finally, Tuesday the notice came that we could pay our business license fee and get the license. We were directed to the downtown Seattle Depart of Licensing office.

Upon arrival at the DOL license, we were told no. They could not take the fees.

Many phone calls, and lots of confusion ensued. In the end, our fees were paid directly to the WSLCB office in Olympia.

By the end of that day, we received the license.

One word: Relief!

Fence and Firsts

As we witness the first license going out from the Washington Liquor Control Board, we have mixed feelings. On one hand its great to know someone has moved through the entire process. The person who went first has been a grower for Medical, so evidently had a running start. Good for them.

On the other hand, we sure wish it had been us. We just are not quite ready. IMG_1123[1]

We are moving as quickly as we can, and progress is noticeable every day. The finish line is within our reach – important electrical inspections have passed, roofs are on, and the fence is nearing completion. The last item on the list is the security system – a three day project.

We plan to call our inspector next week to get on his schedule. Progress reports will be logged as we cruise to our finish.