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Happy 420

Today is 40/20 eve! We are prepping for a big day tomorrow. We will be delivering grams to Ocean Greens in the morning, which will be for sale for $4.20! We will also be delivering shake ($4.20/gm) for our joint rolling contest. Last summer, we held a party which we called TumbleFest. It was so fun. One of the best moments was our joint rolling contest.

We had a tray of shake on the table. Everyone took out a “hand full”.

Papers were distributed too. Contestants were allowed one paper only.

They then had 5 minutes to roll the fattest joint they could. Ready, set, GO!

After 5 minutes, we weighed the joints. The fattest joint won!

It was so fun! My college roommate won the contest. The prize was a TumbleWeed T shirt.

See you Monday at Ocean Greens. Be there at 5pm!

Joint Rolling Contest

Where to find our product

Be sure to support our local retail stores. We have Banana Kush and Durbin Poison on shelves now;

Banana Kush is behind the counter at Ellensburg Apothecary This place is adorable!

Ellensburg Apothecary









Banana Kush and Durbin Poison are both in Cannabis City in Seattle.

Sample Jar Cannabis City









Durbin Poison and Banana Kush are also at Uncle Ike’s on Capital Hill in Seattle.

Uncle Ikes







If you don’t see it, please ask for TumbleWeed Farm!!


Last night our staff got together for a potluck at Cliff and Patty’s place. What a blast!! We had the whole crew plus spouses. Patty took us on the full tour of their beautiful landscape. We had great food, wine, weed and wonderful conversation. We are so grateful for our fantastic staff!

Potluck The Girls At the fire pit

Full Time on the Farm

The farm is buzzing! As we move into autumn, things are buzzing and the amount of work is daunting. Luckily, we have new help around the farm, and boy! does that feel good!

We are tidy-ing things up, grooming, tying, building and tricking out the place! Boy, do things look great! Our team is incredible and we sure appreciate all of their hard work.

I am super excited to be heading to the farm full time too! More news from there soon!


Canna Con and Hemp Fest


We are off to Canna Con toady! How exciting to have a real trade show for our industry. Thursday and Friday are open to only I502 business owners and licensees and then the show opens to the public over the weekend. I appreciate being able to conduct business in a strictly business setting.

They also have shuttles to Hemp Fest. It has been a number of years since I have attended. This year, it’s a must do. Will be curious to see how hemp fest changes now that I-502 is in full swing.

As for the farm: the girls are growing like crazy! We have been working hard at keeping them preened and pretty! More on that subject soon. See you at Canna – Fest!

Moving stones and sheds

Post By Sam

Over the snowy weekend in early February Sam hauled 100 by 4 feet of field stones from trench fill to build a retaining wall, the ancient Scottish shepherds would have been proud. More critically, the excavator is kicking up dust in this 35 mph wind as he puts the final touches on our footprint!

Sam's Rock Wall

The shed has finally been moved, hauled really, by tow truck from it’s former home to it’s resting place inside the soon to be fence. Over a week was lost while waiting for electrical inspection but now the conduit trenches are filled and we can finally start on the fence and second greenhouse. shed moves




Yes we are cut down to 70% of our footprint according to new liquor control board rules. But this rule actually facilitates the small farm like ours. Check out our interview on the subject in the Seattle PI here!

If only it was as simple to grow a farm as to grow a dog. Zeke has nearly doubled in size and we have to wonder. Does Lucky notice? Or is the change so slow it is more like the frog in a boiling pot of water. Only time will tell.

Getting Under Way

We are outdoor growers. We love the outdoors and work hard to spend as much time as possible there. So, of course! We would only get into this BRAND NEW business if we could do it in the great outdoors.

Clearing brush

The journey of entering the legal marijuana business is not one we expect to be straight and steady. We know there will be many twists and turns in our trail, and we have the dedication, enthusiasm and passion to give you the best outdoor product on the market.

One of the best aspects of entering into a brand new industry is that everyone is doing this for the first time. We applied to the Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) on the first day (November 18, 2013) applications were accepted by the state. No easy task from India; where were on vacation, half way around the world.

Since our application, we’ve received our interview, submitted the “docusign� paperwork; passed the required background checks and sailed through the county review.

Currently, we are constructing our greenhouse and completing our fencing project. We’re thrilled to see our farm coming to life!

Below are a few photos of the progression of the farm.

greenhouse 1