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Happy 420

Today is 40/20 eve! We are prepping for a big day tomorrow. We will be delivering grams to Ocean Greens in the morning, which will be for sale for $4.20! We will also be delivering shake ($4.20/gm) for our joint rolling contest. Last summer, we held a party which we called TumbleFest. It was so fun. One of the best moments was our joint rolling contest.

We had a tray of shake on the table. Everyone took out a “hand full”.

Papers were distributed too. Contestants were allowed one paper only.

They then had 5 minutes to roll the fattest joint they could. Ready, set, GO!

After 5 minutes, we weighed the joints. The fattest joint won!

It was so fun! My college roommate won the contest. The prize was a TumbleWeed T shirt.

See you Monday at Ocean Greens. Be there at 5pm!

Joint Rolling Contest

Fence and Firsts

As we witness the first license going out from the Washington Liquor Control Board, we have mixed feelings. On one hand its great to know someone has moved through the entire process. The person who went first has been a grower for Medical, so evidently had a running start. Good for them.

On the other hand, we sure wish it had been us. We just are not quite ready. IMG_1123[1]

We are moving as quickly as we can, and progress is noticeable every day. The finish line is within our reach – important electrical inspections have passed, roofs are on, and the fence is nearing completion. The last item on the list is the security system – a three day project.

We plan to call our inspector next week to get on his schedule. Progress reports will be logged as we cruise to our finish.