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Sex and Weed – 5 things you might not know

As you know, we are ramping up for our Sex and Weed event at Babeland on May 30, 2015 at 7pm. I hope you will join us because it’s going to be fun!sexandweed


Before the event, though, Iwant to do a little purusing to learn what is already happening in the world of sex and weed. For starters I have found 5 things that surprised me!


1. There is a dating app for pot lovers – called High There. Makes sense! We see the advertisement for the dating site for farmers! So why not one that finds you the stoner mate of your dreams!

2. There is a “study” being done to learn about the connection between pot and sex. Sexologist Nick Karras and researcher Kami Lennox are gathering anecdotal evidence of the effects of cannabis on the sexual experience. You can join the study on their website. I am not sure how scientific this study is, given it’s an “opt in” where you share your stories. In the 1980s, there were a number of studies conducted to explore the sexual effects of marijuana, but most of the reports did not provide researchers with clear indications for better or worse.

3. Throughout the ages, cannabis has been revered as an aphrodisiac, with references to the sexual effects of the green weed documented in literary classics like Arabian Nights as well as its connection with both Ayurveda and Tantra.

4. Our own Dan Savage of The Stranger has been recommending to his readers (and listeners) to smoke some pot to help with Sex. He wrote a great article thatmarks the day another advice columnist finally joined him in this recommendation.

5. There is agreat Pinterest page on….yes, sex and weed.