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Happy 420

Today is 40/20 eve! We are prepping for a big day tomorrow. We will be delivering grams to Ocean Greens in the morning, which will be for sale for $4.20! We will also be delivering shake ($4.20/gm) for our joint rolling contest. Last summer, we held a party which we called TumbleFest. It was so fun. One of the best moments was our joint rolling contest.

We had a tray of shake on the table. Everyone took out a “hand full”.

Papers were distributed too. Contestants were allowed one paper only.

They then had 5 minutes to roll the fattest joint they could. Ready, set, GO!

After 5 minutes, we weighed the joints. The fattest joint won!

It was so fun! My college roommate won the contest. The prize was a TumbleWeed T shirt.

See you Monday at Ocean Greens. Be there at 5pm!

Joint Rolling Contest